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Cell Division

L. Sosa

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4.All the cells that make up the body. (2 words)
7.In some multicellular organisms, limbs or body parts can grow back through mitosis.
9.Process by which basic cells become more specialized to perform a function.
10.What percent of its life does a cell actually spend undergoing mitosis? (2 words)
11.What type of cells contain identical copies of DNA? (2 words)
15.What percent of its life does a cell spend preparing for mitosis? (3 words)
16.Random errors that occur in the DNA replication process. (2 words)
17.What is the process called where a cell splits into four and all of the cells are created differently which means they have different DNA?
18.What does the human body start off as in the womb? (2 words)
19.These cells are the only cells in the body that undergo mitosis. (2 words)
20.Process in which cells divide.
1.Which type of cell has a life span of 2-4 weeks? (2 words)
2.What do a majority of chemotherapy drugs target? (3 words)
3.What is a common side effect to damage to healthy cells?
5.A type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to destroy cancer cells.
6.Which type of cell division is it when there is uncontrolled cellular growth after a malfunction? (3 words)
8.Chemotherapy is designed to destroy damaging cells. What is the specific cell? (2 words)
12.These substances can cause cancer.
13.Examples of this include hepatitis, human papilloma virus (HPV, and Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)
14.Different cells have different life spans. What is it called when a cell dies?

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