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Biology Crossword Puzzle

N. Sbrocco

4 5    
6 7     8              
9             10              
11         12 13 14  
15                       16          

3.The amount of years neurons in the brain can live up to
8.Another name for hair loss
9.After blank days of this growth there would be 2048 mutated cells
10.a type of cell division that results in two cells each having the same number of chromosomes
15.Substances that can cause cancer
16.Short way to say chromotherapy
17.It organizes the DNA into chromosomes with 2 identical halves (2 wrds)
18.Considered a basic cell that activates the start of dividing of specific proteins (2 wrds)
19.It's life span is 2-4 weeks (2wrds)
20.It is passed from parents to offspring
1.It has a healthy cell (3wrds)
2.is a type of cell division that reduces the number of chromosomes in the parent cell by half
4.It's life span is two days (2wrds)
5.The cell performs its normal function and replicate its DNA
6.What percent does a cell spend preparing mitosis (2wrds)
7.Examples include radon, UV radiation, and x rays
11.Examples include hepatitis, HPV, and EBV
12.Has a life span of 25-30 yrs (2 words)
13.A type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to destroy cancer cells
14.All the cells that make up the body (2wrds)

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