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Cells division , cancer, and chemotherapy

Maria Cruz

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3.When the stem cells is activated and becomes a red blood cell and then producing proteins such as
6.What is specifically sperm and egg that only are used in meiosis
8.What multicellular organisms such as start fish limbs or body parts can be regenerated through mitosis
9.What multicellular organisms grow and develop by adding more cells
10.What is other name for when mitosis is preparing
12.It's a Random error that can occur in the DNA replication process
13.What is the specific functions name of the process by which basic cells become more specialized
15.When a stem cells is activated to dived it becomes
17.What is the basic cell that active and start dividing themselves to produce a tissue that can preform a specific function
18.Think of cancer when the cells are being produced and then the cells dying
19.What does hemoglobin use to carry out throughout the whole body
1.When substance cause cancer they are actually causing mutation in the genes that regulate
2.It's a substance that can cause cancer ?
4.Witch cell combines apoptosis malfunction and uncontrolled cellular growth
5.What makes up all of the body using the same DNA
7.What splits into four and all of the cells created are different meaning different type of DNA
11.What cells life span is 70+ years
13.What type of cells does all the body have that is the exact same
14.When a different cell type have different life spans but when it dies it must be
16.What Splits into two and both cells that are created are identical meaning have the same DNA

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