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Lil crossword puzzle uzi vert

Jacobi Gatti

Cells differentiation

1               2
    9   10  
  11                       12    
  14 15                                

1.Mutations in regulatory genes can be caused by ______.
5.____ is when an injured cell explodes.
6.Mitosis creates two ____.
7.____ mutations are random absences or additions in a gene.
11.____ can cause cancer.
15.Asbestos, cigarette smoke and benzene are all examples of ____.
16.____ is when you have inflammation of the digestive tract.
17.____ chromosomes line up at the cells equator.
18.The process when one cell becomes 4 sperm or 4 egg cells.
1.____ is a protein that are needed to carry out oxygen throughout the body.
2._____ tells a cell to stop dividing.
3._____ such as hepatitis or HPV can cause mutations in regulatory genes.
4.When cells can become different kinds of cells such as skin cells and brain cells
7.____ can divide to become any kind of tissue.
8.The last step of mitosis is ____ when the cells separate.
9.Heart cells, muscle cells and bone cells are all ____.
10.The only cells that go through miosis are ____.
12.What cell type has a life span of two days?
13.___ is the way to add more cells so the body can grow and develop, regenerate and replace old cells.
14._____ from x-rays or UV light from the sun can cause mutations.

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