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Meiosis and Mitosis

L Gmeiner

1 2
4                     5            
8 9        
11                                   12  
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  17                         18            

4.A span of time where the cell performs regular activities during preparation
5.Body grows by adding more cells through cell division
6.Random errors that occur in the DNA replication process (2 words)
10.These cells last 3-4 days(2 words)
11.One important goal of meiosis(3 words)
13.The only cells that undergo meiosis(2 words)
15.Limbs or body parts can grow back through mitosis
16.These cells last 25-30 years(2 words)
17.This cell lasts up to 1 year or more (2 words)
18.This type are in the brain and can live up to 70 years
19.All of the cells that make up the body are called this(2 words)
20.Basic cells that have to be activated to perform a function (2 words)
1.Multicellular organisms grow and develope by adding more cells (3 words)
2.Cell splits into four parts that are all different
3.Carries oxygen throughout the body (3 words)
7.Sister chromatids split and the cell separates
8.Basic cells become specialized to perform a selerate function
9.Substances that cause cancer
12.This cell lasts one day (2 words)
14.The only cells that undergo meiosis (2 words)

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