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Mitosis, Meiosis, Cancer cells

C. Chavez

Cells and mitosis along with effects of unsuccessful mitosis.

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1.all of the cells that make up the body (2 wrds)
6.process by which basic cells become more specialized to perform a specific function
9.a common side effect of chemotherapy that results in hair loss
10.in diagram B, the white sections in the liver represent...
14.the most basic cell (2 wrds)
15.substances that can cause cancer are known as
17.type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to destroy cancer cells
18.this multicellular organism can regenerate limbs or body parts through mitosis
19.all of the cells in the body have the exact same
1.mitosis is broken up into...
2.chromosomes with two identical halves of a chromosome (2 wrds)
3.chemotherapy drugs are
4.a gene involved in controlling expression of one or more genes (2 wrds)
5.cells do not divide unless they are...
7.effects of mutations occurring withing genes that regulate mitosis and cell death (3 wrds)
8.cells that never undergo mitosis
11.process of adding more cells through cell division
12.after successful chemotherapy a tumor gets...
13.the only cells that undergo meiosis (2 wrds)
16.in diagram A, the example used is a ... cell

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