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The weight of Zero

Abby Swiatek

1 2 3 4      
6 7      
8                       9 10   11

3.The college that Catherine go accepted into and is attending.
5.Michael's mother. (2 Words)
8.Part of the six triple eight. The first all black female unit to go to Europe. Part of the mail system. The veteran that Catherine and Michael did their project on. (2 Words)
14.The quarterback of the football team, who harasses Catherine and use to bully Michael. (2 Words)
15.One of Catherine's ex best friends, who left when she found out the she has bipolar disorder. But came back after two years.
16.The intensive outpatient program that both Catherine and Kristal go to help with their disorders. (2 Words)
18.A girl struggling with a bipolar disorder. (2 Words)
19.Michael's brother, who had an alcohol problem. (2 Words)
20.Catherine's best friend from St. Anne's. Has a bulimia.
1.Catherine's grandma, who died from a stroke in front of Catherine. Her death is what triggered Catherine's disorder. (2 Words)
2.St. Anne’s group session therapist and group leader of Catherine's and Kristal's session.
4.The high school that Catherine and Michael attended. (3 Words)
6.Judy's best friend. (2 Words)
7.One of Catherine's ex best friends, who left her when she found out she had bipolar disorder.
8.Over-worked, endlessly takes care of her daughter Catherine. (2 Words)
9.The stock pile of pills that Catherine has kept in case she needed them to end her life. (2 Words)
10.Catherine’s and Michaels history teacher and the one who assigned the Veteran biography project. (2 Words)
11.Catherine's history partner, best candidate for L.V., and Catherine's boyfriend. (2 Words)
12.Michael's Father. (2 Words)
13.Catherine's little monster, her dark and depressed side of her bipolar disorder.
17.Michael's grandmother. Her and Catherine were friends.

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