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Unit 10

Stuart Gedal

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1.When you describe a movie, you use this phrase to warn the listener that you may tell them about the end of the story (2 words, no space).
4.Special clothes that movie actors wear to show the setting of the movie and their role in the movie.
7.Colors or movement that are usually created with computers and by changing the speed of the film (2 words, no space between).
9.A purple computer-generated character in a very successful movie.
11.If a movie is successful, a studio make more movies with names similar to the first one, and with the same characters.
12.Something that is so amazing it almost hypnotizes you: you MUST watch it!
13.Printed words at the bottom of the bottom of the movie screen that show what you what the actors are saying. Usually these are not in the same language as the actors are speaking.
2.When you say a movie is good and you advise a friend to see it (3 words, no spaces)
3.Recently (adverb)
5.An emotional movie; you may weep or cry when you are watching it.
6.If an actor makes 3 movies and all of them are very successful, the 3 movies are a _________ _________ _________ (3 words, no spaces)
7.A man or a woman who does dangersous action scenes. This protects many movie stars from being hurt (2 words, no space).
8.A long, long time (2 words, no spaces).
10.A word that is used to say "but" in more formal writing. Usually, it is used at the beginning of a sentence.

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