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Wildlife Bio Ch 16

Mrs. VH

1 2
3   4      
  5   6               7
      9   10  
11               12       13 14                
    17                   18                  
      22 23                      
25 26                       27              
    31   32       33   34  
35     36                  
39                     40             41            
      42   43              

4.uranium decays into this stable element
5.number of protons and neutrons
11.continuous action of neutrons splitting other atomic nuclei
14.wastes that emit large amounts of radiation
15.atoms of same elements with different numbers of neutrons
16.some low-level wastes are store in concrete and then disposed of here
17.where fission of u-235 occurs
20.what holds the particles of the nucleus together
23.breeder reactors can be used to make these
26.atoms that decay
27.process by which a nuclear chain reaction goes out of control`
28.material that control rods can be made of
30.name of the 2 new nuclei formed during fission
32.radon decays into this element
36.the control rods absorb these
39.first person to use the word radioactive
40.basic properties of atoms are determined by the number of these
41.changes in DNA can lead to this
43.nuclear power plants are expensive due to the required ___ measures
44.radiation can make changes in these molecules found in all our cells
45.some missing mass from a fission reaction is converted into this
1.radiation is measured in these units
2.material that circulates around the fuel rods
3.number of protons in the nucleus
5.these wastes can be found in mines
6.many wastes are stored in these outside the plants
7.particles made of 2 p+ and 2 n0
8.uses U-238 to produce Pu-239
9.an element that is able to split when hit by a neutron
10.reason why breeder reactors are not used in the US
12.absorbs neutrons to slow down fission reaction
13.nucleus of a large atom is split
18.the containment building is made of this
19.function of water in the reactor
21.hospital worker are exposed to this type of wastes
22.negative subatomic particle
23.all matter is made of these
24.this natural phenomena could cause leakage of nuclear wastes
25.particle that is made of a high-speed electron, converts a n0 into a p+
29.time it takes for 1/2 a radioactive element to decay
31.positive subatomic particle
33.neutral subatomic particle
34.most abundant nuclear fuel
35.form of electromagnetic radiation released from radioactive elements
36.cluster of p+ and n0
37.after decay, a radioactive element becomes ___
38.the steam produced in a reactor turns these structures
42.walls of the reactor vessel are made of this

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