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Mitosis & Causes of Cancer

B. Martindale

Crossword puzzle based on the Cell Division and Chemotherapy article.

1         2       3 4
8 9     10                  
          15               16  

1.hepatitis human and papillomavirus
5.substances that can cause cancer
6.proteins that are needed to carry oxygen throughout the body
10.specifically sperm and egg are the only cells in the body that undergo meiosis
12.The process where cells divide and add cells
13.Random errors that occur in the DNA replication process
15.The cell spend more than 95% of its life preparing for mitosis in the stage
18.some multicellular organisms limbs or body parts can be regenerated through mitosis
19.passed from parents to offspring
20.UV radiation, radon, x-rays
2.multicellular organisms grow and develop by adding more cells
3.The process by which basic cells become more specialized to perform a specific function
4.A cell splits into four and all of the cells are created different meaning they have different DNA
7.examples include; cigarette smoke and benzene
8.A type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to destroy cancer cells
9.all of the cells that make up the body and undergo mitosis
11.A gene involved and a controlling then expression of one or more genes
14.different cell types have different life spans when it dies it must be replaced
16.The basic cells and are activated to start dividing and producing specific proteins of the cell they will become
17.toxic to living cells

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