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Dori Hall

1 2 3
4                                 5
6   7                                      
9         10    
    12             13                  
    14 15                       16  
      17                                   18
    19       20   21                    
24                           25            
33                           34                      

4.he movement of phosphorus through the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere.
6.a seccession that occurs on a surfac wher an ecosystem has pervious exised
11.a seccession that occurs on surfaces wher no ecosystem existed befor
12.a large community of plants and animals that occupies a distinct region
13.group of the same species living in a particular place
15.allows animals to rest conserve energy protects them from predators and harsh environment
17.the lack of sufficient available water resoures to meet the demanda of water usage within a region
19.faster traveling removal to self from predators also find new resoutces
21.for finding food, better environment, and a place to mate
23.apearing bigger than it truy id protects and water Ex. blowfish
24.a mutation or genetic change that helps an organism survive
27.a continuous series of natural processes by which nitrogen passes successively from air to soil to organisms and back to air or soil involving principally nitrogen fixation, nitrification, decay, and denitrification
28.to control, various pests and diease carries such as mosquitoes
29.a growth response to plants to gravity
30.a different organisms living area & the environment
31.use another nest to lay eggs so that other birds will take care of the eggs while the parwne resrves it energy and resources
32.a growth response to plants to touch
33.the transmission of hydrogen from water to carbohydrates etc and back to water by living organisms and the electrolysis or solar photolysis of water to give hydrogen and oxygen which are then recombined in a fuel cell to produce electricity
34.growth response of plants to light coming from one direction
35.roots also grow toward wet areas of soil
1.energy is transferred from 1 organism to the next
2.holding and storing resources food snd water. Ex.camels
3.grop of organism can reproduce common genes
5.group of different population & different species
7.the combined processes, including photosynthesis, decomposition, and respiration, by which carbon as a component of various compounds cycles between its major reservoirs—the atmosphere, oceans, and living organisms.
8.1 indivdual living thing
9.protects prey from preadators, can also be used in groups Ex. zebra
10.the increase in the number of individuals in a population
14.in the average tempreature of the earth's atmospere and its oceans a change that is believed to be permanetly changing the earth's climate
16.not having enough power to suppy all of the world with power
18.the process by which oxygen released into the atmosphere by photosynthetic organisms is taken up by aerobic organisms while the carbon dioxide released as a by-product of repiration is taken up for photosynthesis.
20.protects animal against harsh conditions in winther months can also be used for camouflage
22.help to find provide protection/look out and care for young
25.the means by which plants grow toward or away from enviromental stimula
26.solar tracking is the process by which plants' organs track the relative position of the sun across the sky

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