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China's Golden Age


Word Bank
Bi Sheng, Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, Marco Polo, Tan Taizong, Yuan dynasty, dynasty, grand canal, gunpowder, irrigation, landscape, merit system, mongols, porcelain, printing, rice, silkworms, song dynasty, sui dynasty, surplus

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2.hired officials had to pass a test to prove they could do the work
4.waterway joining north & south China
6.inventor of the first "printer"
7.the "beginning" dynasty of Mongol-ruled China
11.named himself emperor over Mongol-ruled China
13.greatest Tang leader; reformed govt for the better
16.series of rulers from the same family
17.a ceramic material that is sometimes called china
18.guarded by the Chinese to keep the process a secret
20.nomads from central Asia who conquered China violently
1.first leader of Mongol empire to take over China
3.installed the merit system for hiring officials
5.inspiration for many Chinese paintings
8.European explorer whose writings spread the fame of the Mongol riches
9.moving water from a source to crops
10.invented by the Chinese; used in fireworks and weapons
12.united north & south China
14.caused the Chinese to be able to focus on art and education
15.Chinese carved stamps and brushed in over them
19.the main crop for food in China

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