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Organic IGCSE crossword for revision

Nikki C

1     2     3 4
  5 6            
7 8                              
  9   10                      
  11                           12
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23 24      

1.a saturated hydrocarbn
6.This is added to test for the presence of a double bond
8.Has the functional group COOH
9.Alkenes like ETHENE can be formed by the __________________ of alcohols like ETHANOL with heat & a catalyst
11.Process in which sugar is converted to alcohol by yeast
13.Name given to a formula showing all the bonds
14.Alkanes will react with halogens like chlorine only in the presence of this type of light
15.This is the type of reaction that occurs with chlorine and alkanes
17.The type of reaction undergone by alkenes where molecules 'add across' the double bond
18.unsaturated hydrocarbon with formula CnH2n
19.Wrod used to describe the runnyness of a liquid.
20.A mixture of many hydrocarbons - Once known as 'black gold'
22.Describes a molecule containing single bonds only
25.Word to describe a liquid that readily vaporises into a gas
26.The process of breaking down long chain ALKANES into SMALLER alkanes and ALKENES
27.An alkene with 3 carbons in the formula
2.Has the formula CnH2n+1 OH
3.Industrial process used to separate oil into groups of molecules with similar boiling points
4.An alkane with one carbon in its formula
5.This happens to bromine water when added to an alkene
7.Name given to a family of organic compounds with similar properties and in which the formulae differ by CH2
8.This is formed along with water when alkanes are combusted in plenty of oxygen
10.Made from hydrogen and carbon only
12.Name given to the addition of water to an alkene to form an alcohol (H__)
16.Alkanes are __________ in water
21.Has the formula C2H5OH
23.Compounds with the same molecular formula but different displayed formula and different properties
24.Formed when lots of single unit monomers join to form very long chains

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