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Common Percentages

R. Mulenga

Revision of common percentages as fractions

Word Bank
divide, fifty, four, onehundred, percent, quarter, seventy, sixty, ten, third, thirteen, thirty, twenty, twentyfivecents, two, twohundred

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9           10 11    
13       14      

1.25% is equal to one ____________
3.A student scored 54 marks in a test which was equal to 90%. How many marks was the test out of?
5.To convert a decimal to a percentage, multiply by ____ ________
6.________ percent of $360 is equal to $180
7.What is the percentage increase from $50 ot $85? ______ percent increase
8.A student scored 65% in a test out of 20. How many marks did she get?
9.To convert a percentage to a decimal, _________ by 100
11.An item on sale is marked down to $45 from original price $50. What is the percentage decrease? ________ percent decrease
12.66.667% is equal to _____ thirds
13.One fith is the same as __________ percent
15.This word means parts per hundred
2.A shop's sales decreased by 20%. Last month was two hundred and fifty dollars, this month was ____ _________ dollars
4.12.5% of two dollars is equal to _______ ____ ________
8.A student improved his test score by 150%. Previous test he got 20 marks. In this test he got _________ marks
10._______ fiths is equivalent to 80%
14.One _________ can be written as 33.333%

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