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Civs of Asia


Word Bank
Akbar the Great, Aurangzeb, Himalayas, Shah Jahan, Sui dynasty, Taj Mahal, Tang Taizong, Yuan, ability, archipelago, bushido, caste system, feudalism, haiku, landscape, merit system, movable type, shogun, sultan, the sea

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1.How were government officials hired under the merit system?
5.What was the strict set of rules for behavior followed by the Samurai warriors?
8.What is another word for a chain of many islands (like Japan)?
9.Which dynasty united the north and south of China for the first time in centuries?
12.Which great ruler encouraged the arts even though he himself could not read or write?
15.What did Kublai Khan name his new Mongol dynasty?
16.What Hindu system divided people into social classes that determined a person's job and status?
17.Which Mughal ruler spent a fortune on expensive wars and tried to force Hindus to convert to Islam?
18.What title did the Japanese emperor give to the head of the Minamoto clan in 112?
19.Which Mughal ruler spent a fortune on extravagant buildings?
20.Which system legally required peasants to work for wealthy landowners?
2.During the Song dynasty, what kind of paintings were created by artists
3.What was a Muslim ruler in India called?
4.What helped isolate Japan from invaders?
6.What Japanese poem expressing a feeling or picture was only three lines long?
7.What historic Song invention helped make books more affordable?
10.Which was the greatest ruler of the Tang dynasty?
11.What was the main reason Akbar was considered a just ruler? He used the _____.
13.Which geographical feature to the north separates the Indian subcontinent from the rest of Asia?
14.What was built as a tomb for the emperor's wife?

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