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Mrs C

IGCSE Revision Principles of Chem 1 Atoms and molecules Separating molecules

1 2 3
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4.This shShows the number of atoms of the different elements in one molecule of a substance.
7.2 or more elements chemically combined
9.A solid that does not dissolve is described this way.
11.Used to separate similar substances e.g ink, drugs in blood, different sugars in urine
12.The line on a chromatogram is drawn using a ------ as this will not separate.
16.Process of obtaining crystals by evaporating the solvent from the solution.
17.That liquid that runs through the filter paper
18.Movement of particles
20.a substance that dissolves is called the s-----
21.Solid that remains in filter paper
22.Tiny solid partciles in sa suspension can b=be separated out by this process.
1.The liquid in which a solute dissolves.
2.distance moved by a chemical / distance moved by solvent front
3.Method used to separate a mixture of liquids based on their boiling points.
5.Small particles move ________ than large ones
6.Molecule made up of 2 atoms
8.A process of evaporation followed by condensation
10.Smallest particle that can have a separate independent existence
13.Separate an insoluble solid from a liquid by this method
14.Temperature at which a liquid evaporates
15.Describes 2 liquids that mix completely e.g alcohol and water
19.Elements contain only one type of this particle.

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