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Ammonia to Fertilizer

Mrs C

IGCSE Chem Revision of the Haber Process

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5.Name of the alkali formed when ammonia react with water
6.High pressure favours the side of the reaction with _____________ moles
8.________ temperatures favour the exothermic direction of a reaction
9.Acid needed to make ammonium sulfate
11.First stage in making nitric acid produces this gas with formula NO.
13.Use of ammonia in farming
17.A term to describe heat loss in the reaction
20.A gas needed to make ammonia
22.Pressure required for the Haber Process
25.Caused by fertilizers leaching into streams and rivers causing algae to grow rapidly using up oxygen
27.We test for ammonia gas with damp __________ paper which turns from ______(colour 1) to _____(colour 2)
31.Describes the pH of ammonia gas
32.These ions make a solution alkaline
34.Describes a property of ammonia shown by 'skull and cross bones'
35.Which, of the conditions for ammonia production, must be high to give a high yield?
1.A gas found in abundance in the air,needed to make ammonia
2.Temperature required for the Haber Process
3.Which, of the conditions for ammonia production, must be low to give high yield?
4.This has the formula NH3
7.salt formed when ammonia reacts with nitric acid
10.Name of the metal catalyst needed in the Haber Process
12.In the second stage of making nitric acid ,NO is __________to nitrogen dioxide NO2 by adding oxygen
14.colour 1 (See qu on test for ammonia)
15.Source of hydrogen gas for making ammonia which is a hydrocarbon
16.Describes type of reaction between nitric acid and ammonia
18.element needed by plants for good root growth - symbol P
19.Source of Hydrogen for the Haber Process
21.Nitrogen fertilizers are often used as they are ______________ in water
23.Name of an acid made form ammonia
24.Adding more catalyst for the reaction does not alter this?
26.Element needed by flowers and fruits for healthy growth - symbol K
28.In the last stage of making nitric acid, ____________ is added.
29.colour 2 (See qu on test for ammonia)
30.A alck of nitrogen in soil causes leaves to turn this colour
33.Initials often seen on packs of fertiliser showing the key elements needed by plants

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