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Chapter 15 Chemistry of Haloalkanes

Mrs C

1 2 3
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  9 10                        
14               15   16     17

4.A species that donates a lone pair of electrons
6.The type of chemical reaction with water or an aqueous solution of a hydroxide that causes a bond to break the molecule into two
7.A radical that can catalyse the breakdown of ozone
8.C-Hal bonds are described as p____
10.CFCs and HCFCs were commonly used in _______________________ and in air conditioning units
12.Term to describe a straight or branched chain haloalkane
13.The colour of a silver iodide precipitate
14.an example of a nucleophile
18.A white precipitate of this forms from silver nitrate + chloride ions
20.Halogens are more __________ than the carbon atom in the C-Hal bond
1.These haloalkanes are unreactive due to the strong C-Hal bond
2.Mechanism for when a haloalkane reacts with a nucleophile
3.The rate of hydrolysis depends on the strength of the C-Hal bond. Which haloalkane hydrolyses fastest?
5.This breaks down ozone into 2 oxygen atoms
9.The rate of hydrolysis of haloalkanes with water can be followed using an aqueous solution of _____ ______
11.chloroethane is this type of haloalkane
15.Haloalkanes are insoluble in water but soluble in _____________
16.Has the formula O3
17.The colour of a silver bromide precipitate
19.General formula is CnH2n+2

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