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Chapter 20 Acids, Bases and pH

Mrs C

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1.The conjugate base of nitric acid
3.This solution is a system that minimises the pH changes when small amounts of acid or alkali are added.
5.Calculated from -log base 10 [hydrogen ion]
8.Describes an acid that fully dissociates
9.High pH means a ______ hydrogen ion concentration
11.A soluble base
12.This is the point where an indicator just changes colour i.e Point where concentrations of [HIn] and [In-]
16.10 to the power -pH = ________ _____ _____________________
17.Acid + ______________ makes a salt, carbon dioxide and water
18.The conjugate base of HCl
19.this equals [Hydrogen ions] [hydroxide ions] and is known as the Ionic Product of Water
23.This refers to the type of acid where one H ion in the acid can be replaced per molecule
25.Definition of a Bronsted-Lowry acid
26.The higher the value of Ka the ______________ the acid
27.A buffer solution is formed from excess -_____ _______ + and an alkali
28.Definition of a Bronsted-Lowry base
4.This point is found at the centre of the vertical section of a pH titration curve
5.A tribasic acid
6.Possible indicator for a strong acid - weak base titration
7.The carbonic acid- hydrogen carbonate buffer system is the most important in maintaining the pH of the __________ plasma
10.Describes an acid that partially dissociates
13.pH of pure water at 25oC
14.Best indicator for a strong acid-strong base titration
15.H2CO3 is the formula of ________________ _______
20.The higher the value of pKa the _______________ the acid
21.The number of decimal places given for pH values
22.The Ka of a weak acid can be determined by making a _______________ solution of the acid and then measuring the pH with a pH probe. The values are then put into the Ka expression
24.This happens to the pH of water as the temperature of the water increases.
25.A conjugate acid-base pair comtains 2 species that can be interconverted by transfer of a _____________

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