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Electrode Potentials Chp 23

Mrs C

A2 Chemistry OCR

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3.The electrode that loses electrodes is the ________________ electrode
6.A salt bridge allows the flow of ______ around the circuit
8.A common secondary cell used in laptops, mobile phones and being developed for cars
10.Standard conditions include solutions of concentration ________ moldm-3
11.Primary cells are often used in low current, long storage devices like these safety items that should be in every home.
17.The electrode potential of a cell may not be as expected if the ______________ of a half cell is not as per standard conditions.
19.The simplest half cell is made form a ________ rod dipped into a solution of its aqueous metal ion
20.The 2 solutions in a cell are connected via a _______ ______________
21.These storage cells are rechargeable as the cell reactions can be reversed during rechargin.
23.Contains the chemical species present in a redox half equation
27.The more ___________ an electrode potential for a half cell, the more prone the half cell is to reduction
29.This half cell is used as the standard against which other electrode potentials are measured.
31.This type of storage cell is non rechargeable as the cell chemicals will eventually be used up
33.The electrode potential for a cell is calculated from Electrode potential of the positive electrode _______________ the electrode potential of the negative electrode
35.In a cell the least reactive metal will gain electrons and be __________________
36.Two half cells in cell must be kept apart to prevent electrons flowing randomly such that____ (4) energy would be produced rather than electrical
37.Complete the equation by balancing it. 2H2O + _ e -> H2 + 2OH-
1.Hydrogen rich fuel used in fuel cells
2.A salt bridge is often soaked in ____________ ____________ solution as the ions when they move will only from soluble salts.
4.This factor may affect the electrode potential value.
5.A common secondary cell used in torches and radios (6,7)
7.In a cell the more reactive metal will ________ electrons
9.A common example of a secondary cell used in car batteries (4,4)
12.Standard pressure is this in kPa aka 1 bar
13.This voltaic cells convert chemical energy into __________________ energy
14.Common fuel used in fuel cells
15.Standard temperature is _____ _______ oC
16.The more negative a half cell electrode potential the more prone the half cell is to ________________
18.Only product from the use of a hydrogen fuel cell
22.This type of electrode is used with half cells made up of a mixture of ions e.g Fe2+/Fe3+ ions.
24.These cells use energy from the reaction of a _________ with oxygen.
25.Complete the equation by balancing it. O2 + _H+ + 4e -> 2H2O
26.This electrode is where reduction occurs
28.Electrodes are connected with a ________ to allow the controlled flow of electrons
30.Modern primary cell uses zinc and manganesedioxide in an alkaline electrolyte of ______ (formula)
32.Platinum electrodes are used in ion/ion half cells because they do not affect the half cells and just carry electrons around the circuit
34.The value for the standard electrode potential of hydrogen half cell

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