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Chp 13 Alkenes

Mrs C

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2.Waste polymers can be ____________________ (another word for burned) to release the energy they store
5.This is the mechanism by which addition occurs across a double bond in alkenes
7.The polymers have bonds that are weakened by absorbing light
9.Bromine is ________________ when added to an alkene
10.This acid is used as a catalyst with steam to convert ethene into ethanol
12.Polymer that is used to coat pans to make them non-stick
14.These have the same structural formula but a different arrangement of the atoms in space.
15.Alkenes undergo rapid____________ reactions with halogens like chlorine or bromine at room temperature
17.biodegradable polymers are made from this substance so that they can be broken down by microorganisms .
18.Molecule with at least 1C=C
21.General formula is CnH2n
22.This is 120 around the C in C=C
25.A carbocation with 3 different groups attached is called a ____________ ion
28.Alkyl groups are electron ______________
29.This catalyst is used to carry out an addition reaction where hydrogen is added to an alkene
30.Using the Cahn-Ingold-Prelog rules, if the groups with higher priority are on different sides of a C=C the isomer is described as a - isomer
32.The pi bond is _____________ than the sigma bond
33.Using the Cahn-Ingold-Prelog rules, if the groups with higher priority are on the same side of a C=C the isomer is described as a - isomer
1.The sideways overlap of 2 p- orbitals results in the formation of this type of bond
3.The shape around the C in C=C
4.All of the atoms around the C=C are in the same __________
6.Alkene based polymers are un-reactive, making them suitable for food storage ut as a result they are ___ - _________________
7.The fourth electron in a C atom of a double bond is in a - orbital
8.A ________________ has a positive charge on a carbon atom
11.Hydrogen halides react with alkenes at room temperature to make ________________
13.This type of recycling describes the chemical and thermal processes that reclaim monomers, gases or oil from polymers.
16.3 out of the 4 electrons in a C atom of a double bond are used in this type of bond
19.The pi bond prevents ______________ around the double bond
20.PVC is hazardous due to its high _____________ content
23.The monomer for the addition polymer polythene
24.This type of carbocation is the least stable
26.the pi electron density is concentrated above and ________ the line joining the nuclei of the bonding atoms
27.The more alkyl groups attached to the positively charged C atom the more ________ the ion
31.Polymer (abbrev) used in making pipes and bottles

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