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Ch 14

Mrs. VH

1               2   3
4 5   6                      
7                 8  
10             11 12    
16     17                          
18 19                            
20           21              
      22                         23
  24 25                    
    26       27  
30                 31   32                      
33             34         35        
        37           38        
39 40                  

1.a base that completely dissociates into ions when dissolved in water
6.ion produced when water molecule loses a hydrogen ion
7.bases have a ____ feel
10.litmus turns this color with a base
13.bases have a pH ____ than 7
14.nonmetal oxide that forms acids when they react with water
17.metal oxide that forms bases when it reacts with water
19.process of forming ions in solution
20.when lye is combined with animal fat it forms this product
21.substance that produces hydronium ions when it dissolves in water
22.these gases are commonly found in the exhaust in cars
25.taste of bases
28.metal-acid reactions are the most common kind of this reaction
29.most common acid-base indicator
30.acid with three hydrogens
31.bases have a higher number of these ions
33.a difference of 3 pH units means the hydronium ion concentration is
35.taste of acids
36.an acid that partially ionizes in solution
37.source of most sulfur oxides
39.bases react with ____ in our skin and remove skin cells
41.each unit of the pH scale represents a power of ____
2.an acid that completely dissociates into ions when dissolved in water
3.used to describe the concentration that has many ions and less water
4.used to describe the concentration that has few ions and more water
5.consists of a hydrogen ion attaches to a water molecule
8.most familiar acidic anhydride
9.acid formed in carbonated water
11.dyes that are often used to indicate whether substances are acids or bases
12.any hydrogen atom that can be transferred to water
15.acids have a higher number of these ions
16.acids have a pH ____ than 7
18.base that partially ionizes in solution
23.a nonmetal oxide that forms acid rain
24.acid with one hydrogen
26.aqueous solution that can conduct electricity
27.substance that produces hydroxide ions
31.acids react with metals that are more reactive than _______
32.acid with two hydrogens
34.neutral on the pH scale
37.mathematical scale in which the concentration of hydronium ions in a solution
38.ash from burning wood is combined with water to produce this solution
40.litmus turns this color with an acid

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