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The Fall of Jericho

Kay Perez

Story can be found in Joshua Chapter 6. Find the answers in the Bible. Look up the verses given for each answer.

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1.They blew the trumpets (v. 9)
3.Number of priests (v. 6)
6.Precious metal (v. 19)
8.The wall fell down _______ (v. 20)
10.They were made of bronze and iron (v. 19)
12.They couldn't make a noise with this (v. 10)
14.The ______ men went before the priests (v. 9)
2.The priests blew these (v. 13)
3.Joshua told the people to ________ (v. 16)
4.They could not make this with their voices (v. 10)
5.It fell down (v. 20)
7.The son of Nun (v. 6)
9.What kind of blast of the ram's horn? (v. 5)
11.On this day they compassed the city (v. 14)
13.Go around (v. 7)
15.They were armed (v. 13)

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