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Patrick Scharf

This puzzle includes the names of various biomes and some characteristics of each.

  5 6          
11                 12         13
    14     15
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        30                 31
  33                         34      

2.Protects the shorelines from wave action
4.The role that each organism fulfills in their ecosystem
6.Receives less than 25 cm of precipitation/yr
8.The American grassland, other than steppe and plains
9.Non-living factors in a biome
11.Type of temperate forest with hardwoods and other leafy trees
12.The world of marine organisms
16.Zones located at the northern/southern-most of Earth
17.Receives over 400 cm of precipitation/yr (2 Words)
21.Zone located at the equator
22.Term for species that are at risk due to low population
25.Large bodies of flowing freshwater
28.Location just inside the shore
29.The rain forest of the sea (2 Words)
30.Where organisms' needs are met
32.Zones located north and south of the tropical zones
33.Snow and rain measured annually
34.Large body of freshwater
35.Where fresh water and sea water meet
1.Where lions live
3.A species that is more important to an ecosystem
5.Another term for ecosystem engineer
7.The Russian name for a boreal forest
8.All the members of a species in an area at the same time
10.The community plus abiotic factors
13.The place for bottom-dwellers
14.Small body of freshwater
15.What determines a biome or ecosystem
18.Another term for plant or phytoplankton
19.A wetland with tall tree roots
20.Location just beyond the tides
23.Term for keystone species, like a bee
24.Graph that shows annual rainfall and temperatures together
26.Type of forest with mostly evergreens
27.High elevations of snow and ice
28.Land mass surrounded by water
31.Can be hot or cold with little precipitation

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