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Functional Groups

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1.group with the structure -COOH in its molecular formula
3.in our bodies, esters store _____
5.the structure is R-OH
6.use of amines and amides
7.the functional group of carboxylic acids
8.example of an alcohol
10.the functional group of an alcohol
11.the alcohols have a ____ boiling point
12.part of a molecule having a specific arrangement of atoms responsible for the chemical behavior of the parent chain
13.an example of a halogenated compound
15.a use of ethers
20.an example of an ester
21.carbonyl group is at the end of the molecule
23.the functional group of the halogenated compounds
26.an amine given off when organisms die
28.esters are used in __________ and fragrances
29.amines and amides give the distinctive bad smell to these foods
30.acid found in vinegar
31.the structure is R-O-R
1.a halogenated compound that are banned because they caused the ozone hole
2.an example of an ether
4.hormone that is made of halogenated compounds
5.structure is R-NH2
14.alcohols are found in this hygiene product
15.biological factor of amines
16.flavoring of ketones
18.type of carboxylic acids used by animals
19.made of -CONH2
22.derived from carboxylic acids in which the -OH of the carboxyl group has been replaced with an -OR
24.an example of ketones and aldehydes
25.carbonyl group is in the middle of the molecule
27.acid found in lemons and other fruits

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