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Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

Debbie Jackson

Puzzle for Joshua and the Battle of Jericho in the Old Testament book of Joshua 6. Find more @ www.biblefunforkids.com

1 2 3
4                 5
6           7          
11 12  

4.Joshua made this with the rocks taken from the Jordan River
6.These two men investigated the new land
7.New leader after Moses
8.She hid the spies and they saved her when Jericho fell
9.God also told Joshua to be this
10.The river that the people crossed over on dry ground
13.They carried the Ark of the Covenant
14.God Joshua to be this
1.The city that fell flat
2.God told Joshua to be this and he would be successful
3.A special box that God told Moses to make
5.This happened to Jericho on the last day
6.They walked around the city one time a day for this many days
11.The priests carried these made from ram's horns
12.Jericho fell on this day of the march

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