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Riddle-Master 269-276

Mr. Garnett

1 2
3 4 5               6
7               8  
    11 12              
13             14 15      
  16                     17    
18               19  
20     21              
22 23   24                    
26             27 28         29              
    30   31                   32
34               35        
  36     37   38      
39   40     41      
    42     43
44     45  

5.a piece of something
7.to reflect small flashes of light
9.to explore
10.Readerle asked Danan if he had seen her ____________ .
12.a word meaning completely or entirely
13.something heard in Master Ohm's palace in Erlenstar Mountain
16.causing shock. something horrible
18.someone who was eager to talk to Tristan
21.to distribute things or provide a service
23.not able to be heard clearly
26.to change something
28.not imagined, not thought of
31.without error or flaws
33.Tristan and Lyra got shocking news about this person
34.a hand signal
35.a fancy word meaning to stop suddenly on a horse
36.Tristan didn't understand how someone could lose the land rule and still be____________.
38.a word to describe Danan Isig
39.a place where metal objects are made
41.Morgon clung to his despair like a __________.
42.betrayed Morgon
44.Danan's other ability is to see in the ___________
46.where Morgon said he was going after Isig
47.Tristan, Lyra and Raederle stopped in Isig to get _________ of Morgon
1.probed Raederle's mind
2.a representative
3.each of a pair of devices attached to the side of a horse's saddle to support your feet
4.An old teacher of Morgon
6.not done before
8.quickly or suddenly
10.Deth taught Raederle this instrument
11.a place on a ship where cargo is kept
14.not bendable, rigid
15.very large or extra serious
17.to give up hope
19.One word describing Deth
20.Morgon told Danan he wanted to do this terrible thing.
22.Morgon stays one step ahead of Eriel by changing__________.
24.very plain and serious
25.One thing that Morgon did in Erlenstar Mountain
27.Deth is no longer ___________ in Isig.
29.to be all jumbled up and moving around alot
30.what the High One did for Morgon
32.to do what someone orders you to do
37.on the edge of something
39.the number of centuries Deth represented the High One
40.not flexible
43.Danan told Raederle to go ___________ .
45.a furnace or oven for heating things up

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