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EoS Review

  6 7                           8
11                               12            
14         15                      
          16   17
      18   19                    
22                             23
24               25              

2.position/title of individual 3rd in presidential line of succession (4 Words)
3.What is the supreme law of the United States? (2 Words)
7.The study of the theory, purpose, and implementation of law in society is called what?
9.individuals whose primary purpose is to influence policy decisions in government
11.group of individuals who ultimately decide who will be the next president (2 Words)
12.Supreme Court case that required law enforcement to inform individuals of their constitutional rights
14.Which presidential role did Abraham Lincoln fulfill when he suspended the right of habeas corpus during the Civil War? (3 Words)
19.Which type of powers are shared by the federal and state governments?
21.Age to serve in the NC House of Representatives
22.judicial principle decided by Marbury v Madison (2 Words)
24.search and seizure amendment
25.an example of civic duty (2 Words)
26.Political process that allows citizens to participate directly in the passage of laws
1.Philosophical idea hat legitimate government comes from the people. (2 Words)
2.Which court would be the first to determine the constitutionality of a local law? (3 Words)
4.The largest source of income in most states today comes from (2 Words)
5.# of years a Senator serves
6.position/title responsible for overseeing city government (2 Words)
8.amendment intended to practice of British soldiers living in private homes
10.campaign finance reform legislation to restrict donor dollars to candidates (2 Words)
13.amendment guaranteeing a speedy and public trial
15.“Life, liberty, and property” were considered by John Locke to be (2 Words)
16.In a criminal trial, which person attempts to prove the guilt of the accused?
17.amendment associated with civil disputes
18.political party whose symbol/mascot is an elephant
20.refers to power that is limited to the national government
23.example of civil disobedience college students employed during the Civil Rights Movement

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