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3.n. two
5.n. keep a ________保持微笑
7.adj. full of light
10.adv. If you do not do something, but do something else ________, you do the second thing and not the first thing
12.n. The ________ is the surface(表面) of the earth.
14.n. An _______ is anything that has a fixed shape(固定形状) or form, that you can touch or see, and that is not alive.
16.n. Tom eats too much and he is a little _____fat.
18.adj. a person who is not smart
19.n. When someone speaks or sings, you hear their v_______.
20.adj. foolish
22.n. rock
26.n. ________ is used to describe things, people, ideas, or ways of life that come from the United States, Canada, and the countries of Europe.
27.v. If something ____s, it is the right size and shape to go onto a person's body.
1.n. a couple=a wife+a _______
2.v. _____ in love
4.v. If you ______ a group of people, you walk or ride in front of them.
6.v. They got __________ (marry) in 2012.
8.pron. no one
9.n. _______ is the power to make impossible things happen, such as making people disappear or controlling things in nature.
11.v. If something ________s you, it makes you feel very happy and excited.
13.v. If someone _________s you of a thing that you already know about, they say something which makes you think about it.
15.v. If you ______ something or someone, you put them in a place where they cannot easily be seen or found.
17.adj. the w_______ world 整个世界
18.v. kill animals with a gun
21.prep. turn sorrow ______ strength 化悲痛为力量
23.adj. Someone who is ______ is willing to do things that are dangerous, and does not show fear in difficult or dangerous situations.
24.v. When someone ______s, they do not obey the rules which they should be obeying, for example in a game or exam.
25.adj. If someone is______.He is not healthy so that they cannot move quickly or carry heavy things.

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