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physical charateristics and mechanical properties of metals

Miss B

From chapter 3 in welding level 2 NCCER curriculum

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2.impact load required to break a test piece of weld metal using charpy V-notch test
3.numerical measurement of a physical or chemical property that is constant for a system under specified conditions
6.scale formed on surfaces of metal when they are exposed to air
7.to subject an alloy, metal or glass to a process of heating and slow cooling to make it tougher and less brittle to
10.teh condition of a metal when it proves to be brittle and unbendign at red heat but can be bent without signs of brittleness when cold or at white heat
11.characteristic of metal that enables it to become hard through heat treating
13.having characteristics of metal
14.the traits that indicate how flexible and strong a metal will be under stress
16.subsurface cracking in the basemetal near or under the weld
18.the strain that occurs in a welded joint after welding has been completed
19.characteristic of metal that allows it to be stretched, drawn, or hammered with out breaking
20.able to be hammered or pressed into shape without breaking
21.process of reheating quench hardeneed steel
22.formed or shaped by hammering or rolling
23.process of heat treating a metal after the weld has been made
1.in a multi pass weld teh temperature of the base metal at the time when the next pass is started. same temperature as the preheat temp
4.to rapidly cool a hot metal using air, water or oil
5.the outer members of a structural beam, joist or rail
8.describes materials that can be stretched, bent or shaped without breaking
9.metal object that is made by ouring molten metal into a mold
10.partof the base metal that has not been melted but has been altered structurally by weld heat
12.the maximum stress or force that a material can withstand without breaking
15.having to heat a material up to or above the transformation temperature to achieve
17.a metal that has other elements addted to it to change its mechanical properties
22.the plate joining the flanges of a girder joist or rail

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