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by Stuart Gedal

Viewpoint 1-Unit 6

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2.When you give an opinion you talk about things in general. When you support your opinion with facts, you talk about things ___ _________________. (2 words, no spaces)
7.When you pay Embassy by credit card or transfer money from your bank, the payments are _______________.
9.Something that makes work or a chore easier to do. It is less work and needs you to travel less.
12.If something is unavoidable, it is sure to happen. It is ___________________.
13.When you think someone is telling a story, buy you don't think every fact in the story is true, you ___________ the story.
14.The teacher said, "There ____________ _____ be a handout going around the room." (2 words, no space).
1."I can't do the whole lesson. I can finish a little bit more of it," said the university professor. (5 words, no spaces).
3.When a machine works but you can buy a new one that is cheaper and does the job better, the first machine is _____________.
4.When the motion of a boat makes your stomach upset, gives you a headache, or causes you to vomit, you have _____________>
5.A list of instructions for cooking.
6.Playing in competitions, especially with computers, is often called _________________.
8.An e-mail or a paper copy that tells how much money you spent to buy something.
10.A person who spends a lot of time playing in competitions, especially with computers. The person often stays up all night!
11.If you borrow money you have to pay back the money. When you finish paying back the money, you have no more _________.

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