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History of Australia and the Pacific

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3.Polynesian sailors piloted __________ powered by oars and sails. pg. 629
6.The original inhabitants of New Zealand pg. 629
9.Most aborigines lived in the temperate _____________. pg. 628
10.an enclosed area of land that includes a meeting house and other buildings. pg. 629
12.Many early settlers were convicted __________ who had been exiled to Australia pg. 629
13.Britain ruled its colonies with colonial _________. pg.630
14.The original inhabitants of Australia. pg. 628
15.The sailors used detailed knowledge of the ________ to point them toward land pg. 629
17.British settlers were attracted by these in New Zealand. pg. 630
18.the process by which one group takes on the cultural traits of another. pg. 629
23.Still not all of the Pacific region has been _________________. pg.631
28._________ settlers arrived in large numbers in the 1800s pg. 627
29.One of the countries that controlled most of the Pacific islands in the early 1900s pg. 630
30.Most island people relied on the ocean for _____________. pg. 628
31.This was discovered in 1851 and caused the British population to soar. pg. 629
32.These recorded history, legends, religious beliefs, & knowledge in songs. pg. 628
1.these settlers arrived in New Zealand in the early 1800s pg. 630
2.Colonized jointly by Britain and France in 1887 pg. 630
3.They were at the top of the Maori society. pg. 629
4.the attitude that one's own social or cultural group of better than all others. pg. 630
5.Polynesian sailors were skilled _____________. pg. 629
7.Aborigines spoke hundreds of __________ pg. 628
8.British explorer that claimed Australia and New Zealand for Great Britain pg. 629
10.people sent to another country by a church to spread its religious beliefs. pg. 630
11.They crossed the open ocean without the help of ___________. pg. 629
16.Colonizers brought many new ideas and ____________. pg. 630
19.Australia and New Zealand gained their _________ peacefully. pg. 630
20.Aboriginal children were taken from their families and forced to live in these. pg. 6
21.Early Aborigines were __________ pg. 628
22.The Maori fished, _________ and farmed. pg. 629
24.They were on the bottom of society pg. 629
25.In Melanesia, the great number of islands led to _______ cultural groups. pg. 628
26.Frequent _________ led people to live in protected settlements pg. 628
27.They won independence from Britain on October 10, 1970. pg. 631

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