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Meiosis and Genetics Study Guide

Mrs. Weimer

Word Bank
DNA, Mendel, PMAT, XX, XY, anaphase, blending, bodycells, chromosomes, cloning, cytokinesis, disorder, dominant, four, heterozygous, heterozygous, homozygous, hybrid, interphase, interphase, karyotype, meiosis, metaphase, one, phenotype, probability, prophase, prophase, punnettsquare, sexcells, sexlinked, telophase, traits, twentythird, two, two

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8                     9 10
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      15   16
17                             18  
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    26 27 28
  29                       30
  31             32              

1.codes for a girl
5.forming a cleavage furrow or cell plate (before cytokinesis)
8.a picture of the chromosomes in a cell
12.all the possible outcomes of a genetic cross
13.Chromosome pairs separate and are distributed into new sex cells.
17.two different alleles for a trait.
19.chromosomes are made of this
20.when the chromosomes line up in the middle
21.2 new cells
23.longest phase of mitosis
24.produced by meiosis
25.offspring of parents that have different alleles
29.two identical alleles
31.term refers to physical characteristics
32.TT would mean two___alleles
33.A recessive allele on the X chromosome will always produce the trait in a male
34.when the chromosomes are pulled apart
1.combination of sex chromosomes results in a male
2.number of body cells produced in mitosis
3.number of times the cell divides in mitosis
4.organism’s physical appearance
6.a number that describes how likely it is that an event will occur
7.Tt would indicate the alleles are__
9.number of sex cells produced in meiosis
10.carry genes from parents to offspring
11.number of times the cell divides in meiosis
14.when the cell forms chromosomes
15.longest phase of meiosis
16.the cycle of mitosis only
18.what happens with hair color for cattle or chicken feather color
22.set of chromosomes that code for sex of the human
23.when the cell grows and copies its DNA
26.produced by mitosis
27.chromosomes fail to separate properly during meiosis
28.genetically identical.
30.He cross-pollinated plants to determine genetics

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