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Second Semester Review

Aurora Rodriguez

1 2     3      
8   9                                      
        11 12                
            14 15              
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2.deliberately taking one's own life
4.the virtue by which people are able to healthfully integrate sexuality into their total person
5.wanting a good for yourself through desiring union with the beived
6.sexual desire apart from God's love-a selfish desire that seeks one's own pleasure at the expense of another
7.the manipulation of an ovum's or fetus's genetic coding.
9.a study of God, the purpose of our existence, and the call to love like God loves, as discovered and revealed thorough our bodies.
12.sexual activity between two persons, one of whom is married
13.gift through which nature, history, and our lives take on deeper meaning and purpose.
15.a war is only permissible when it meets strict criteria in protecting citizens from unjust aggressors.
16.recognizing the inner and outer beauty of another person
22.a direct action, or a deliberate lack of action, that causes the death of a person.
24.an outward sign which makes an invisible spiritual reality visible
25.the ability to comprehend how a person must live their life as a follower of Jesus
26.to have hatred for our sin and a commitment not to sin again.
27.to be guilty, gUiLty, GUILTY
28.related to marriage or a marriage ceremony
1.decision to "will the good of another" person
3.the union of love between persons who make a gift of themselves to each other
4.the tendency of all human beings toward sin, as a result of Original Sin
5.the teaching that limited violence is morally acceptable in defending yourself from an attack.
8.gifts intended for the common good of the Church, also called charisms
10.related to the power of producing new life
11.the deliberate termination of a pregnancy by killing the unborn child.
12.God's interventions and support for us in the everyday moments of our lives.
14.willing the good of another person
17.the study of God, or "faith seeking understanding"
18.the act of providing sex in exchange for money or goods
19.the ability to comprehend the basic meaning and message of Jesus
20.unique cells that have the potential to reproduce themselves as different human tissues and organs.
21.the cardinal virtue by which one moderates their appetites and passions to achieve balance
23.the inherent and unchanging value of all persons as a direct result of their being created by God in his image

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