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Revise Your Vocabulary Words

Waleed Snoussi

Let's see how well you know?

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4.It means: a mark of shame
9.It means: showing that you think that you are very important; prideful ; arrogant
11.It means: clever and amusing comments and replies that are made quickly
13.It means: a short, interesting or amusing story about a real person or event
15.It means: to mention something as a reason or an example; to speak or write the exact words from a book, an author
17.It means: spoken or done without any previous thought or preparation; impromptu
19.It means: faithfulness / loyalty
20.It means: very exciting, most important
21.It means: the presence of pigments in skin, hair, or leaves that causes them to be a particular colour
22.It means: say something that is intended to embarrass somebody or make them look silly ; jeer / mock / scoff
24.It means: the most basic or essential facts of a particular subject or skill
25.It means: excitedly; joyfully; jubilantly
26.It means: connected with the whole universe
1.It means: agreeing with / in agreement with / in harmony with
2.It means: to give somebody so much of something that they do not feel they want any more
3.It means: clothing; garments
5.It means: too willing to obey other people / submissive
6.It means: a speech, etc. at the end of a play, book, or movie that comments on or acts as a conclusion to what has happened
7.It means: a thing that somebody does particularly well
8.It means: official permission or approval for an action or a change / authorization ; a course of action that can be used to make people obey a law or behave in a particular way
10.It means: Lessening the severity of something
12.It means: a young person who is unusually intelligent or skillful for their age
14.It means: a person who is worried all the time about their health and believing that they are ill/sick when there is nothing wrong with them
16.It means: a group or collection of different kinds of things
18.It means: having a lively, attractive personality / sprightly
23.It means: to stop the flow of something, especially blood

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