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Finding our way through the Bible

This puzzle helps you to search through your Bible to familiarize yourself with; people, events and truths that are all found in God's Word.

It is a good idea to have one older and one younger person doing this puzzle together - some qustions are for the younger one, some for the older one - help each other out!

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3.The message of God's Word (Corinthians chapter 13)
6.Jesus's Mum
10.God's spirit with our's makes us God's ...... (Romans:chapter 8, verse 16)
11.Jesus's students and followers were known as...
12.The High Priest and leaders were jealous of them (Acts 5, verse 17)
13.He was richly blessed by God and full of power (Acts 6, verse 8)
14.James Chapter 3, verse 19 - this gives us courage in God's presence, a clear ...
15.Paul describes our body as a ,,, (Corinthians chapter 5, verse 1)
1.Jesus's Dad
2.This King declared everyone in his empire should fear and respect Daniel's God.Dan 6,25)
4.Who sin's? (Romans Chapter 3: Verse 23)
5.The garden where Adam and Eve lived.
7.He had a famous Dad, and 'took firm control of the Kingdom of Israel' (Chronicles:1,1)
8.Best thing to have.... (Proverbs: Chapter 22, verse 1)
9.Who is Isaiah talking about, 800 years before he got here? (Isaiah verse 53, 4 and 5)
10.Jesus was taught by his Dad to be a .....

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