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Body Systems

Mrs. T

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4.Another name for skin condition that causes redness, thickening, irritation
6.Caused by clogged pores or bacteria
10.Skin condition caused by viruses
13.Where mycobacterium tuberulosis
14.Excess production of this hormone causes Cushings disease
17.Hyper active production of growth hormone
18.Top layer of skin
19.Loss of blood to brain tissue caused by a blockage or burst blood vessel
20.These receptors are found in the eye
22.Fluid build-up in lungs
24.Condition of integumentary system caused by a staphylococcus bacteria
27.Damage to the spinal cord that interferes with nerve signals
29.Where in respiratory carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged
30.Master endocrine gland that sends signals to all other glands
31.Neurological disease where the neuron covering breaks down
32.Inflammation of the the airways causing narrowing or constriction
33.Hormone produced by testes
1.Another gland in the skin beside sweat gland
2.Another name for chronic obstructed pulmonary disease
3.Another name for a Decubitus ucler.
5.Endocrine gland that produces insulin
7.These levels are high in the blood of a diabetic
8.Neurological condition that is cussed by the loss of brain tissue, memory, etc.
9.Glands that produce cortisol and stress hormones
11.Largest sense organ of the body
12.Endocrine gland that controls metabolism.
15.Another name for heart attack or blood clot in heart
16.Another place mechanoreceptors can be found other than the skin
21.Monitors hormone levels in the brain
23.Where hormone that regulates female reproductive development is produced.
25.System composed of hair and nails
26.Enlarged thyroid
28.This blood vessel becomes clogged with plaque and restricts blood flow

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