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Animal review

Mrs. VH

1       2 3 4
  5 6                 7     8
    9                 10      
11   12               13  
      14                                 15 16
17                                 18      
      19               20        
21   22                          
    24 25                        
  28 29     30                    
        31       32                  
    34             35     36 37    
  38 39             40               41
  42           43     44          
45                 46  
      47 48              
  49               50             51
53                 54   55      
57         58      

1.birds lack these structures that reptiles have
6.lamprey are ___ because they suck blood from other animals
7.class or birds
9.gill cover
10.mammals have ____ or fur
11.biggest snake
14.biggest turtle
17.fastest reptile
19.mammals produce milk for their young in these structures
22.bird heart has a divided ____
23.frog larva
25.coelacanth is an example of this type of bony fish
26.adult frogs and toads are this type of eater
27.type of habitat of the caecilians
28.hagfish are ____ because they eat dead matter on ocean floor
31.amphibians can breathe through this
32.bony fish have ____ reproduction
33.snakes have a ___point jaw attachment
34.mammals that lay eggs
38.poison in fangs
42.type of fertilization in reptiles
44.these structures on mammals adapt to their food
45.caecilians lack these structures that other amphibians have
48.purpose of this is to spread oil and clean feathers
49.feathers that give the body shape
50.order of snakes and lizards
53.order rhynchocephalia
55.chambers in bird heart
56.gills of fish remove this from the water
57.this helps protect fish from predators and microorganisms
58.fish use these to help them move
2.bird wings are ____
3.reptiles have ____ eggs
4.most massive reptile
5.order of salamanders and newts
8.the teeth of sharks are modified _____
12.reptiles that live in the Americas and have short snouts
13.best biology teacher ever
15.number of bird orders
16.order of the songbirds
18.skates and rays have a skeleton made of ____
20.sense organ on the side of a fish
21.order of crocodiles and alligators
24.frogs and toads need ____ to reproduce
29.turtles and tortoises belong to this order
35.fish pump water in through this
36.the osteoichthyes have a skeleton made of this
37.these are modified reptile scales
39.birds and reptiles have this in common
41.when birds replace feathers they ____
43.class of jawless fish
45.feathers provide ____ for flight
46.jawless fish have ____ fins
47.order of frogs and toads
48.snakes do not have any trace of these bones
51.order of caecilians
52.the bird's ____ are exposed to only fully oxygenated blood
54.feathers found on baby birds

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