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historical mathematicians

jacky k

Historical mathematicians

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1.Basic mathematical rules for dealing with zero (+, - and x), negative numbers, negative roots of quadratic equations, solution of quadratic equations with two unknowns
7.Formulas for areas of regular shapes, “method of exhaustion” for approximating areas and value of π, comparison of infinities
15.Pattern in occurrence of prime numbers, construction of heptadecagon, Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, exposition of complex numbers, least squares approximation method, Gaussian distribution, Gaussian function, Gaussian error curve, non-Euclidean geometry, Gaussian curvature
16.Established that dividing by zero yields infinity, found solutions to quadratic, cubic and quartic equations (including negative and irrational solutions) and to second order Diophantine equations, introduced some preliminary concepts of calculus
2.Breaking of the German enigma code, Turing machine (logical forerunner of computer), Turing test of artificial intelligence
3.Early developments in geometry, including work on similar and right triangles
4.Development of infinitesimal calculus (differentiation and integration), laid ground work for almost all of classical mechanics, generalized binomial theorem, infinite power series
5.He proved theorems of solid geometry later discovered on the famous palimpsest of Archimedes. He rediscovered the Fibonacci series, applied it to botany, and noted that the ratio of Fibonacci numbers converges to the Golden Mean.
6.Heron’s Formula for finding the area of a triangle from its side lengths, Heron’s Method for iteratively computing a square root
8.First definitive statement of Chinese Remainder Theorem
9.Three Classical Questions
11.Pioneer (with Fermat) of probability theory, Pascal’s Triangle of binomial coefficients
12.System of rectangular coordinates, such as for a time-speed-distance graph, first to use fractional exponents, also worked on infinite series
13.Contributed towards development of calculus, originated idea of number line, introduced symbol ∞ for infinity, developed standard notation for powers
14.Develop first detailed trigonometry tables

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