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Fun Bible Trivia

Pastor Greg Lilly

Do you know the Bible well Enough to complete this puzzle? Let's See!

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1.He never died, but was translated
3.She killed Sisera with a Tent Peg
5.This woman was a harlot but became part of the lineage of Jesus
8.He was the Bible's strong man
10.He defended his faith, but was stoned to death
13.These creatures tore up 42 children for making fun of Elisha
14.Besides Jesus this man walked on the water too
16.This prophet was told by God to shave his head and beard with a barber's razor
17.She was the sister of Moses
18.What Mary the Mother of Jesus was Called?
22.She was a judge in Israel and a prophetess
23.This temple guard had his ear cut off by Peter, but Jesus put it back
24.What Jesus is called meaning He is God's annointed
27.This is considered a sin against your own body
29.Jesus called the Scribes and Phaisees these scary creatures
30.The disciple whom Jesus loved
1.The name of the garden where God first put the man and the woman
2.The king of Bashan who was a giant
4.This man hung on his own gallows
6.God prepared one of these plants to shade Jonah
7.These beings rescued Lot, His Wife, and two Daughters from Sodom
9.She practiced witchcraft and was the most evil women ever known
11.He gave God the right sacrifice, but was murdered for it
12.The disciple with the foot-shaped mouth
15.Though thrown to the lions, this man came out unharmed
16.This lady was deceived by Satan to partake of the forbidden tree
19.He was the cupbearer for Artexerxes
20.Jesus raised this man from the dead
21.Paul raised this man from the dead
25.This man's wife disobeyed God and was turned into a pillar of salt
26.This king committed suicide by burning down his own house
28.He built an ark at God's command

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