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Chapter 1:Fundamentals of Database Management System

Suzana Binti Yusof - Politeknik Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, Dungun Terengganu, Malaysia

This puzzle will test understanding regarding the concept in fundamental of database management system

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4.________________ processing is used to control mechanisms to prevent interference from simultaneous users and recover lost data after a failure
6.This level in database architecture represents the storage view of the database.
7.Three-scheme architecture in database consist of internal, _____________ and external level.
8._________ is a collection of components that supports the creation, use, and maintenance of databases.
9.MySQL is an example of ______________ database.
10.Microsoft Access is an example of ______________ database.
1.____________ access is a language and graphical tools to access data without complicated coding
2.The components in DBMS that refers to instructions and rules that should be applied to the design and use of the database and DBMS is called _______________ .
3.______________ is a collection of related data/ Shared collection of logically related data (and a description of this data), designed to meet the information needs of an organization
5.The advantage of desktop database is _________________ .

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