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Bible Dads

Pastor Greg Lilly

Do You Know These Bible Dads?

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1.He was Timothy's Spiritual Father
4.Our Father in Heaven
8.This Dad wrote a bunch of Proverbs to instruct his sons
9.This Dad had a son who lived the longest of any man
12.This Dad was a king and his own son rebelled against him
13.He was Noah's Dad
15.This Dad was told by God to sacrifice his son
2.This Dad chose to dwell among the Sodomites
3.This Dad led His people out of Egyptian bondage
5.This Dad had 13 children and 12 of them were sons
6.He was the foster Dad of Jesus
7.This Dad was sold into slavery but became a leader in Egypt
10.This Dad had sons by the name of Magog and Tubal
11.This Dad built an ark
14.The First Dad

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