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Architecture Glossary

Kylie da Silva

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3.A moulded base, slim column decorated with volutes.
5.The Muslim place of worship.
7.A range of arches attached to a wall.
8.A recessed area that often houses a sculpture.
13.Projecting or recessed bands used to decorate walls or doors.
14.A mass of masonry built up against a wall to add support.
15.A method of building masonry, emphasized by deeply recessed joints and a roughened surface.
17.The central space in a. Church bounded by the aisles.
18.A building consisting of 30 storeys or more.
21.A concave roof.
22.A high base, slim fluted column with acanthus leaf ornament.
23.A spiral scroll, on an Ionic column.
24.The bottom of a column.
25.An open public space surrounded by buildings.
26.An ancient Egyptian monumental stone tomb with a square base, sloping sides that meet in an apex.
1.A long series of arches carrying a road or a railway.
2.A curved structure spanning an opening.
4.An artificial channel, conveying water from its source to its destination.
6.An ornamental crowning feature.
9.Surface decorateet ion made up of small cubes of glass or stone set in cement.
10.A row of columns supporting the entablature.
11.A pattern of mosaic on the pavement or floor.
12.An observation deck in a Medieval fortress.
16.The exterior of a building on one of its principle side.
19.Chambers underneath te presbytry.
20.A multilayered wood or stone tower, part of a Buddhist temple.
22.The head or crowning feature of a column or pilaster.
25.A heavy masonry support.

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