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2                                 3
4                         5  
    6 7 8                  

1.Accumulation of fatty deposits in the walls of arteries
2.Recording of electrical activity of the heart
4.High serum calcium
8.The muscular layer of the heart
9.Refers to the venous return and the amount of blood returning to the heart that must be pumped
10.Method of dosage with cardiac glycosides that rapidly produces effective drug levels
11.Chest pain caused by insufficient blood flow to the heart
12.A measure of the vascular resistance that the left ventricle must overcome in order to eject blood during contraction
1.Hardening or fibrosis of the arteries
3.Condition of insufficient tissue blood flow
4.Low serum postassium
5.Decrease in electrical potential across a cell membrane that results in excitation and generation of action potential
6.Return of the electrical potential across a cell membrane to its resting state following depolarization
7.High serum potassium

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