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1   2      
5   6             7        
8           9              
  14 15       16      
17 18              
  19     20          

1.An object that orbits a sun.
5.A machine using an antenna and a dish to gather radio waves from space.
8.The second planet in our solar system.
9.Liquid rock that comes out of volcanos.
11.The first planet in our solar system.
12.A planet that appears red in the night sky.
13.A metallic device for sending or receiving radio waves.
14.An optical device for making distant objects appear closer.
17.A bowl shaped depression formed by a meteorite.
19.A star.
20.A machine for putting a space vehicle into orbit.
2.A person that goes into space.
3.A device launched into orbit or sent into space.
4.A journey to a distant place.
6.An antenna with a rounded dish at its base.
7.An unmanned spacecraft designed to explore space and send data back to Earth.
10.The act of traveling from one place to another.
15.No longer in existence, having died out.
16.A deep narrow valley.
18.A machine that does mechanical, routine tasks on command.

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