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Test Your Bible Knowledge

Pastor Greg Lilly

Know the answers to these clues?

3     4
    9 10          
14         15 16           17
  18       19      
20           21                  
  22     23            
24             25          

5.The angels told the women Jesus was this which means He is alive
6.A young pastor who was converted under Paul's ministry
8.This is the opposite of having pride
10.To be contrary to the law of God means that you have done this
11.This is a false god often portrayed in the image of some thing
12.The Biblical and only true definition for the origin of life
14.The disciple with the foot-shaped mouth
16.This is the abode of God
19.The state where a believer is considered to be asleep in Christ
20.The title given to Jesus meaning He is Anointed One of God
21.These people were considered to be the lowest class of citizens
23.This means that Jesus has always been
24.The first book of the English Bible
25.The pieces of this are given to the believer to defeat Satan
1.We have been given this through Christ over death
2.This is the first Greek letter
3.This man later was called Israel
4.Mary was called this even when she gave birth to Jesus
6.Jesus is this in living form (2 Words)
7.This means you have been chosen through Christ
8.This is the final destination of those who reject Jesus
9.This man made the ark at God's command
10.A title given to the coming Antichrist (3 Words)
13.In Christ we are made this since we inherit the blessings of God
15.This church in Asia Minor had left its first love
16.To be content is to be this
17.This woman prayed for a son and promised to give him to God
18.This young man defended his faith but lost his life
22.He gave God the right sacrifice, but was murdered for it

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