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Civics & Citizenship: Rights & Freedoms

Colossus Crossword Challenge for Chapter 1: Complete this crossword for homework to win a (sur)prize!

1                   2       3
    8 9                
  10 11        
  16 17    
      18               19    
        23       24          

1.What type of democracy is Australia?
4.What is the name of the country where a female punk-rock band was charged with hooliganism?
5.What is the name given to voting that ensures an electoral candidate has the absolute majority?
7.For anyone charged with a serious offence under Commonwealth Law, what type of trial is guaranteed by the Australian Constitution? (3 Words)
8.An elected representative is also known as a 'Member of ...'
12.Australia's democratic system of government is based on which system?
13.What political party did the Menzies Government try to ban in 1951 by holding a referendum?
15.Who is the Queen's representative in Australia? (2 Words)
18.What laws affecting wages and working conditions were introduced by the Liberal-National Party in 2005?
22.Reasonable community standards of verbal and written communication are protected by which laws?
23.What term describes a system of government in which elected representatives serve the wants and needs of the people?
25.The word 'bounds' is an old-fashioned word for what?
26.Collecting signatures in support of local issues is known as a ...
27.What tax was meant to destroy the mining industry?
2.What is the name of the group sent to the colony of New South Wales for breaching rules against trade unions? (2 Words)
3."Brodie's Law" was introduced in Victoria in 2010 to protect against what in the workplace?
5.To become an Australian Citizen, new citizens are required to sign the "Australian Citizen ..."
6.In medieval societies, public criticism of the King resulted in what?
9.The right to join any group, club or organisation is known as 'Freedom of what'?
10.What word refers to action that shows dissatisfaction with, or opposition to, government policies or decisions?
11.Australia's parliament consists of the House of Representatives and the ...
14.What is the name of the document that sets out how a country is governed and run?
16.Which 'freedom' includes 'Freedom of religion'?
17.What do Australians have the right to express their opinions without fear of?
19.In North Korea, it is illegal to do what to the government?
20.What word describes spreading rumours that are likely to damage a person's reputation?
21.'Freedom of assembly' allows individuals to participate in a public demonstration, rally or ...?
24.Julia Gillard's government introduced what tax in 2010 in response to climate change?

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