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All about Jacob...

Jacob is one of the founders on Israel as a Nation, and a man that God worked hard with to help him achieve his blessings.

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2.The only son born to Rachel. (Gen 30: verse 22,23)
4.Rebecca and Jacob did this to Isaac - explain how in your pair. (Gen 27: verse 8)
6.The oldest - hairy one -of the twins (Gen 25: verse 25)
7.Who Jacob was in love with (Gen 29, verse 18)
9.Esau returned from a trip complaining that he was what? (Gen 25: verse 30)
13.Jacob's dream that he saw a stairway from earth to ......... (Gen: 28: verse 10 - 14)
14.Isaac was very old and ready to give Esau this. (Gen 27: verse 4)
15.Esau accused his Brother of living up to his name of a... (Gen 27: verse 36)
16.God promised Isaac his own territory but until then his family lived with..(Gen 26: verse 1 - 3)
17.Jacob changed his name - how did it come about? (Gen 32: 22 - 27)
18.Jacob's Mum told him to go and see her brother ....... why? (Gen 27 41, 42)
19.The youngest of the twins. (Gen: 25: verse 22)
1.Jacob enjoyed quiet pastimes and liked ...
3.Esau enjoyed this, and his Dad enjoyed eating what he brought home! (Gen 25 verse 28)
5.God's promise of blessing to Abraham (Gen 22:verse15)
8.What was the price for the bowl of soup. (Gen 25. verse 31)
10.How Isaac felt (Gen 27: verse 35)
11.Jacob's first wife who he worked and waited how many years to marry .....? (Gen 29:ver18)
12.Isaac's wife (Gen 24: verse 67)
14.How Esau felt when he found out (Gen 27: verse 34)
17.Born to Sarah and Abraham, Jacob's Father (Gen:21 verse 1)

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