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Mr. Vincent

Use books and handouts to answer the questions and complete the crossword puzzle.

1 2     3      
  5               6
8               9  
10 11                  
12         13 14
16               17        
19       20                
21             22            
  23   24      
25     26        
28           29        

2.I ____________helped my friend with his homework.
4.We __________ to climb the mountain last week.
5.Very tired.
7.A community in the city.
8.Very frightened.
11.A community just outside the city.
12.Lots of cows and sheep at this place.
16.I was __________ to work and suddenly I crashed the car.
17.Smaller the a forest.
19.A large area of water surrounded by land.
20.Very cold.
21.You make things and products at this place.
22.I was __________ for my friend at the bus stop and my mum called my cell phone.
23.Larger than woods.
25.You can drive faster on this road.
28.My friends cheered ________ at the football match.
29.The city doesn't have much _______. Its crowded.
1.Very old.
3.The city has a lot of cars and people, its got a lot of __________.
6.I was __________ my homework while my mum was cooking the dinner.
9.We were _________ to climb the mountain, but the weather stopped us.
10.This connnects the island to the mainland.
13.Life in the country can be _______
14.Life in the city is ________
15.My teacher speaks __________ when we are being stupid.
17.While I was _________ to school i ate my breakfast.
18.Smaller than a town, usually located in the countryside.
21.Very angry.
24.A community far from the city.
26.Land that is raised.
27.I played________ because i practiced.

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