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Jumping Through Jeremiah

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you find the answer to these clues in the book of Jeremiah?

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1.Jeremiah records a prophecy from God upon this land of the pharaoh
6.Jeremiah records a prophecy from God to this son of Neriah
8.Jeremiah is called the ________ prophet
10.Jeremiah condemns this kingdom
11.Jeremiah warned this king to humble before God or face His judgment
13.Jeremiah records God's condemnation of Babylon by using these creatures which may mean military tanks
15.Jeremiah taught that worship of any thing other than God was this _____
18.Jeremiah said the mighty man should not glory in his _______
19.Jeremiah told the people that for this number of years they would be in captivity
20.Jeremiah records that God will use the king of this country to humble the people
2.Jeremiah was put in this place of confinement
3.Jeremiah was the son of this man
4.Jeremiah records a prophecy from God upon this land because they devised evil
5.Jeremiah shares God's displeasure with this city and brings its enemies to seize it
7.Jeremiah uses this word to mean an agreement between God and man
9.Jeremiah the book contains this number of chapters in the English text (2 Words)
12.Jeremiah records much information about this time of God's wrath
14.Jeremiah said the wise man should not glory in his _______
16.Jeremiah said the rich man should not glory in his _______
17.Jeremiah shares a parable of 2 baskets full of these

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